NFL Draft 2017

With the NFL Draft coming at the end of the month everyone is wondering who is going to end up where. It is a college football player’s dream to declare their spot in the draft and get picked by a NFL team in the spring.

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Tony Romo: Saying goodbye to a legend

I grew up in a football driven household. My dad a Dallas Cowboys fan and my mom a Miami Dolphins fan. However, as I got older I stuck with the Dallas Cowboys. I remember being highly invested in sports from a young age.

There was this game I remember seeing my dad watch when we were in Orlando at the Nickelodeon Hotel about to check out, but he couldn’t pull away from the TV because it was an important game. I don’t know what exactly happened, but the Cowboys lost that game. When I mentioned this memory to him recently, he said that if they had won that game it would’ve taken them to the Super Bowl.

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